Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Restaurant Review: Pescados on China Street

There are a lot of restaurant options in the City of Richmond. My family and I were contemplating where we wanted to go for dinner on Saturday night. We couldn’t decide between restaurants we had never been to before such as Zeus Gallery CafĂ© or our favorite, tried and true restaurants such as Edo Squid’s. Then we thought of trying the new Pescados located on China Street. We’ve been to the Midlothian location many, many times, and it has never once let us down. So, we went with the new Pescados in Oregon Hill. It’s a quaint little restaurant located on the corner of China and Pine Street. Pescados is a little pricey, so you probably want to go if you have a little extra cash or for a special occasion.

We got there around 7 pm and by that time it was already bustling with patrons waiting to be seated. This is a very busy restaurant and for good reason. The food is seriously excellent. The server was very attentive and even made a joke or two.

To start out, we ordered 3 different appetizers; the Arepas, the Ceviche,and Conch Fritters. Wow. The presentation for each dish was beautiful. The pork in the arepas was very tender and packed plenty of flavor. The ceviche was delicious, however it could have used a little more salt. And, the conch fritters were fried heavenly goodness. It was just the right amount for 4 people.

For dinner, three of us ordered the Fish Tacos and I ordered the Plaintain Crusted Grouper. Wow. Are you sensing a theme here? The grouper was silky, smooth, and cooked to perfection. The zucchini was a tad on the tough side, but the black beans were delicious. I was told the Fish Tacos were absolutely delicious with some heat added to it.

Though we were stuffed beyond belief, we went ahead and ordered a Flourless Chocolate Torte for dessert.
Boy, was that rich with chocolate. Usually dessert is such a let-down at most restaurants, but if you love dark chocolate then you will love this dessert. Overall, it was such a satisfying meal. Pescados on China Street definitely did not disappoint with their new location. For the next special occasion, I can’t wait to go back.

Pros: Food, Service, Cheap Date Nights on Thursday and $10 Tacos on Tuesdays
Cons: Parking, Pricey, Potential for Long Waits

My rating: 5 sporks out of 5.
Location: 626 China Street Richmond VA 23220
Website: http://www.pescadoschinastreet.com/
Cuisine: Seafood, Meat
Pricing: $$$

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