Thursday, October 14, 2010

Coconut Basil Chicken Curry

Since my friends and I started doing our Iron Chef nights I've really tried to be more open-minded about experiencing different types of food. Sure, there are still some things I refuse to try such as duck, veal, snail, etc. But, I'm definitely opening up to more International Cuisine such as Indian, Thai, etc. One of the blogs we have linked on ours is TasteSpotting. Today I went searching for another recipe to make tonight. I found this one that sounded international, easy, and delicious. This evening, I went to the store to purchase some of the ingredients, and as soon as I got home started preparing this recipe. It took about an hour to make, and I must say it was very, very good.

2 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts or thighs
2 baking potatoes, dices
1 large onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, diced
1 – 14 oz can coconut milk or cream
1 tablespoon red curry paste
1/2 cup torn basil
kosher salt
steamed white rice

I began by prepping the ingredients. First, I chopped up the onion, and set it aside. Next, I peeled the potatoes and cut them into cubes. I used white potatoes, and three of them at that. I took a 1 1/2 chicken breast and sliced it into cubes and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Next, I prepared a large skillet by drizzling it with some olive oil and setting the heat to medium. Once the oil was warmed, I tossed in the potatoes and diced chicken. I sauteed the chicken and potatoes with the lid covering the skillet. I sauteed for about 15 minutes so they begin to caramelize.

Around this point I started my rice, which takes about 20 minutes to make. Next, I tossed in the onions and sauteed for about five minutes until the onions were translucent. I tossed in the minced garlic and cooked until fragrant. Next, I poured in the coconut milk and the curry paste. I stirred and let it simmer until the sauce thickened.

Once the sauce thickened, I then removed from the heat and added the basil. I thought it could use something else, so I added about 1/4 tsp of red hot pepper flakes, a touch of ginger and cayenne, and some more salt.

Serve on top of the rice, and enjoy!

(Click here for printable recipe)

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