Monday, October 25, 2010

Restaurant Review: The Boathouse at Rockett’s Landing

When someone talks about The Boathouse their first comment is inevitably about the great view. Well… we finally got around to trying this restaurant at 7pm in late October, so we didn’t really get much of the view as the sun had already gone down. But after trying the food and dealing with the slow service, I am guessing that there’s a reason why the view is the best part of dinner here.

(Clockwise from top left: spicy tuna roll, tuna tartare, lobster bisque, calamari)

The food wasn’t bad, per se. In fact, I very much enjoyed the tuna tartare (though the whole spoon thing makes it hard to eat in polite company). I heard that the calamari was also tasty. And the desserts were actually quite delicious. But the main course was a bit of a snore for me, and I know Steve was quite unhappy with his portion size. We went in expecting a great meal, and got just a fine meal. Similarly, the service. It wasn’t egregious. It was just a bit slow. Mostly in the beginning and end of the meal.

(Shrimp & grits, filet mignon topped with crab, grouper topped with crab, seared rare tuna)

For the money, I think you could do better. However, it might be a nice option in good weather to hit up happy hour and enjoy the apps and drinks. And of course, the view.

Pros: View, good apps and desserts, Wednesday 1/2 off wine deal
Cons: Main course is just ok, slow service

My rating: 3.5 sporks out of 5.
Location: 4708 East Old Main Street
Richmond VA 23231
Cuisine: Seafood, Steaks, Pizza
Pricing: $$$

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  1. I totally agree with you here. The food was good there, not great, not awesome, but fine. When you're looking for a really nice dinner out, I think RVA has a lot of better options. When you're looking for a good happy hour spot, this one's pretty nice, though.

    I think we need to take advantage of that in the future... before the sun has set next time.