About the Cooks!

We all met playing volleyball, but since then our friendship has spilled outside the courts and into the kitchen. Since we are all young women just starting out in life, we wanted to share our recipes with each other. But to us, a recipe is much more than just an entry in a cookbook. We started this blog to share our experiences as we cook, little tips and tricks we use, what worked and what didn't. Hopefully our experiences will help others.

A little about each contributing cook.

Frequent Poster
I come from a long line of fabulous cooks and a family who loves food. However, I'd always been a picky eater. Since doing this blog (and our fun Iron Chef competitions) my taste palate is definitely evolving. 
Cooking Style: Hmm...not sure how to describe my cooking style. I generally go with what appeals to me. I'm willing to try anything from Italian to Mexican to good ol' Southern cuisine.
Favorite Foods: Do carbs count? I love pizza, bread, sweets and Caribbean flavors. Strange, I know.
Least Favorite Foods: Mushrooms, snails, anything "weird" looking or slimy.
Favorite Recipe (on this site): Right now, the Spicy Noodles.

Frequent Poster
I’m a writer in an ad agency by day, but love to cook by night (or evening). I try to have a sense of humor in the kitchen and in life. I tend to overuse parentheses. 
Cooking Style: I like a challenge. I cook in a team with my husband, Steve. I don’t really do the “healthy” thing very well. At all.
Favorite Foods: Spicy food, tuna tartare, anything chocolatey and steak!
Least Favorite Foods: Any kind of bean, except jelly beans. Or cacao beans.
Favorite Recipe (on this site): Butter Chicken by far! I also love all the tacos.

Occasional Poster
I'm a writer and teacher of writing with aspirations of that next great American novel bubbling in my head. I try to be health conscious in my cooking and day-to-day life, but who among us doesn't slip a little?
Cooking style: I'm a meat and potatoes kind of girl, but I try not to pigeon-hole my cooking there. I'm always on a quest for that next favorite recipe, be it spicy, savory, succulent or sweet.
Favorite foods: Comfort foods, Italian cuisine, Indian cuisine...fresh fruits and veggies. 
Least favorite foods: Anything from the grocery store that I cannot understand the total ingredient list, be full of chemicals, preservatives, food colorings, frog toes or whatever else food manufacturers stick in there. 
Favorite recipe(s): French Toast Casserole with Berries for breakfast; Pulled Chicken Barbecue with Sweet Potato Fries for lunch; Creamy Pasta with Veggies & Chicken for dinner. 

Occasional Poster
I'm not much of a cook, unless you count heating up frozen chicken nuggets as "cooking."
Cooking Style: I prefer to bake rather than cook a meal. But since I'm not much of a sweets person, I never eat much of what I bake. 
Favorite Foods: Most cream sauces (alfredo, anything with sour cream) and cheese. Healthy, right?
Least Favorite Foods: Anything with a slimy texture-- peas, mushrooms, etc. 
Favorite Recipe (on this site): My winning Black Bottom Cupcakes, of course!

Occasional Poster
I am a good home cook, but another casserole recipe isn't terribly exciting to blog about. I try to mix it up from time to time and hope that you enjoy what comes out!
Cooking Style: Quick meals, casseroles and healthy eating.
Favorite Foods: Cheese and meat
Least Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes
Favorite Recipe (on this site): Peach Prosciutto Pizza and Moroccan Carrot Soup