Monday, July 25, 2011

Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies

I didn't eat just one. I ate about half a dozen. That's how good are these cookies. If there's one recipe you see other food bloggers trying the most this has to be it. I've seen this recipe on countless food blogs. And, everyone gives nothing but superb reviews of this recipe. If you know anything about this recipe the most interesting thing about it is that you have to refridgerate the dough for at least 24 hours. I've read that 36 hours is even better. The second most interesting thing is that you don't use all-purpose flour. Instead, it calls for cake flour and bread flour. Fortunately, I had both of these ingredients sitting in my cabinet. The only ingredient I didn't have was bitter chocolate. What I decided to do was to take this blogger's advice and used half bitter chocolate and half semi-sweet chocolate. I just purchased the bitter chocolate chips and the semi-sweet chocolate chips from kroger. I love cookies with lots of chocolate chips in them and this recipe fits the bill perfectly. I brought them to work and everyone loved them. I know you have to wait a solid day before you can eat them, but it's very much worth the wait. Enjoy!

2 cups minus 2 tablespoons cake flour
1 2/3 cups bread flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 1/4 teaspoons baking soda
1 1/2 teaspoons coarse salt
2 1/2 sticks (1 1/4 cups) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 1/4 cups light brown sugar, packed
1 cup plus 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 large eggs, room temperature
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
1 1/3 pounds bittersweet chocolate disks or fèves, at least 60 percent cacao content (again, I used bittersweet and semi-sweet chocolate chips)

First, gather all of your dry ingredients (minus the sugar and chips) and place in a bowl. Set aside. Now, take your butter and sugars and mix in your mixer on medium-low speed until light and fluffy. Add in your eggs one at a time. Add in your vanilla. Slowly, add in your dry ingredients that you had set aside earlier. Turn off your mixer, and fold in your chocolate (chips). Take a piece of plastic wrap and place on top of your bowl. Set your bowl in your fridge for 24-36 hours.

About an hour before you are ready to bake your cookies; remove the dough from your fridge. And, let it come to room temperature. When you are almost ready to bake set your oven to 350 degrees. I used a small ice cream scoop to scoop out my dough. Place on your cookie sheet. Sprinkly lightly with sea salt. My oven baked these cookies in 6 to 10 minutes and I turned the pan halfway thru the baking. However, your oven could take longer. So, just keep an eye on the cookies until they're golden in color. Let cool on a cooling rack. Or, eat them when their warm. ;-)

(Click here for printable recipe)


  1. omg, you totally beat me to this recipe! it's sitting in my bookmarks. i LOVE torres.

  2. Ha, ha. Well, now you definitely have to try it. :0)

  3. I tried these out and they did not come out as shapely as yours did. Mine kind of spread out flatter than I wanted. They were still incredibly tasty

  4. Usually, when cookies come out flat it's because you microwave the butter in order to soften them. The best thing is to keep the butter at room temperature for an hour or so instead of microwaving. Good luck!