Friday, January 28, 2011

Restaurant Review: Made in Asia

Made in Asia was recently named one of Richmond’s 15 best new restaurants by Richmond Magazine. With an endorsement like that, we had to try it. The Pan-Asian restaurant is located way down Hull St. in an area of town that is starting to grow into a nice new area. From the outside, it looks like nothing special. Located in a strip mall, with a darkly tinted front window, revealing only the neon “open” sign, it’s a place you might just pass by. But I recommend you give it a closer look.

Inside, it’s like a whole different place. Decorated in white, gray and black it has a modern feel. Not sure I am completely on board with the style, but it also doesn’t detract. The presentation of the food is better than the decor. Not quite on par with the artistic platings of some chefs in NYC, but here in the RVA, it’s pretty nice.

(Shrimp tempura, Gyoza, Seared Tuna Tataki)

Foodwise, there were definitely some big hits for the night. The General’s chicken was pronounced the “best ever.” The seafood curry and drunken noodles were also well liked. But there were also misses. The seared tuna was completely bland, despite a slice of jalapeño on each piece. The cashew chicken was drowned in sauce. And the lettuce wraps were nothing more than strips of chicken with iceberg leafs. But there is a wide variety of dishes to choose from and almost Asian cuisine is represented in some way.
(Seafood Hot Pot, Drunken Noodles, Cashew Chicken, General Tso's Chicken)

Is Made in Asia one of Richmond’s 15 best new restaurants, as voted on by me, myself and I? Well… as someone who probably hasn’t tried any other new restaurants in awhile, I’d say… it could be. Depends on what you order. I do think it’s worth trying out, and I would go back and order something different.

Pros: Definitely some tasty dishes, variety, presentation, location (for Southsiders)
Cons: Food is hit or miss, location (for non-Southsiders)

My rating: 4 sporks out of 5.
Location: 7302 Hancock Village Drive
Chesterfield, VA 23832
Cuisine: Thai & Pan-Asian
Pricing: $$$

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